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There were many standout performances, with most of our swimmers posting faster times in finals than the heats and often out finishing their closest competitors.
A number of our swimmers won multiple individual medals. Charlie Brown (16) won double gold in the 100 and 200 back and a bronze in the 200 IM, Ellie Faulkner (24) who looked a class apart in the 100, 200 and 400 free and on all of the anchor legs in the relay events, came away with 5 golds. Congratulations too to Reuben Visda (14) and Alice Thickett (15) with typical Teamsteel back-end performances to snatch two medals each. Amy Bell's (17) good form continued, even though she was still in full training to win the 400 IM and a silver in the 200 IM and finished off the week with a bronze in the 100 breast. Last but not least, Luke Howdle (23) swam a big PB to win gold in the 200 fly and also took a silver in the 200 free.
All in all, this was an outstanding performance, especially considering a number of our swimmers were in hard training ahead of international meets in August. Many congratulations and all the coaches involved in preparing our swimmers.

Alice Thickett (15) 400 free
Charlie Brown (16) 100 back, 200 back
Amy Bell (17) 400 IM
Elliot Clogg (18) 200 back
Izzy Grant (19) 200 fly
Luke Howdle (23) 200 fly
Ellie Faulkner (24) 100 free, 200 free, 400 free
Womens 17/Over 4x200 free team
(Abbie Houston, Darcy Deakin, Izzy Grant, Ellie Faulkner)
Womens 17/Over 4x100 free team
(Kate Clifton, Darcy Deakin, Maya Westlake, Ellie Faulkner)
Mens 17/Over 4x200 free team
(Luke Howdle, Joe Litchfield, Sam Budd, Elliot Clogg)

Reuben Visda (14) 200 fly
Sam Salih (15) 200 fly
Lily Boseley (16) 50 back
Amy Bell (17) 200 IM
Kate Clifton (17) 50 fly
Sam Budd (19) 400 free
Amber Keegan (22) 400 IM
Luke Howdle (23) 200 free
Womens 14/16 4x200 free team
(Alice Thickett, Maddie Dyer, Sophie Barker, Lily Boseley)
Womens 17/Over 4x100 medley team
(Maya Westlake, Amy Bell, Izzy Grant, Elly Faulkner)
Mens 17/Over 4x100 free team
(Elliot Clogg, Cian Senior, Luke Howdle, Joe Litchfield)

Reuben Visda (14) 200 back
Alice Thickett (15) 200 free
Charlie Brown (16) 200 IM
Amy Bell (17) 100 breast
Darcy Deakin (18) 200 free, 100 free
Mens 14/16 4x200 free team
(Eugene Brooks-Clarke, Sam Salih, Ruben Visda, Charlie Brown)

Reuben Visda (14) 400 IM
Lily Boseley (16) 200 back
Cameron Brooks-Clarke (18) 50 fly
Elliott Clogg (18) 50 free
Abbie Houston (22) 400 free
Womens 14/16 4x100 free team
(Alice Thickett, Maddie Dyer, Sophie Barker, Lily Boseley)

Reuben Visda (14) 100 fly
Maddie Dyer (16) 200 IM
Mykhaylo Rozenfeld (16) 200 breast
Cameron Brooks-Clarke (18) 50 free
Charlie Humphries (18) 400 free
Sam Budd (19) 1500 free
Amber Keegan (22) 400 free, 800 free
Luke Howdle (23) 200 IM
Womens 14/16 4x100 medley team
(Lily Boseley, Sophie Barker, Maddie Dyer, Alice Thickett)

Abi Miles (13) 200 breast
Sam Salih (15) 400 free
Abbie Houston (22) 200 free, 800 free
Mens 17/Over 4x100 medley team
(Elliott Clogg, Luke Howdle, Cameron Brooks-Clarke, Joe Litchfield)

Reuben Visda (14) 200 IM
Sam Salih (15) 200 free
Charlie Brown (16) 100 fly
Charlie Humphries (18) 200 free

Sophie Barker (16) 400 IM
Charlie Humphries (18) 100 free

Issey Reeves (13) 200 back
Sophie Barker (16) 800 free
Maya Westlake (20) 200 free