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As well as an early season "social" swim trip in the Lake District, there have been some
more competitive outings. In the Great Salford 1 mile Swim on 20th July, Tim Gleeson finished 73rd in 23:46, Kevin Perrett 225th in 26:47, Verity Ellis 392nd in 29:01, Sarah Jarman 411th in 29:12 and Naomi Crowder, surely one of the oldest competitors, 1480th (It was obviously a large field!) in 40:09.


New types of OW events are developing and one such "Sportif" swim was the Henley to Marlow 14Km on 11th August. Sarah Jarman and Verity Ellis were in action again, accompanied by Jemima Unwin- all completed the course which included navigating several weirs, in around 4 and a half hours- truly an endurance event- well done to all for completing the course.


Most recently at Manvers Lake Big Swim, on 26th August, COSSS secured a clean sweep of the podium places in the 2 mile, with David Morgan coming 1st in 43:50, ahead of Richard Garret 45:34 who just out-touched partner Larissa Davis in 45:43- it must be true that the age of chivalry is asking for a priest.... Naomi Crowder came 8th in the 1mile and Kevin Perrett did the biggie- 12 laps or 10K, in 3:24:38- well done that man!